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Special Vehicle Towing

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Special Vehicle? Special Care!

One of the greatest privileges in life is to own special vehicles that hold either sentimental value, dollar value, or historical significance.

To preserve the value and prestige of your special vehicle towing service, you will want to reduce the amount of time you drive on the road to avoid a collision that will decrease the value of your vehicle significantly. The best way to avoid driving and risking your special vehicles is to arrange for a special vehicle towing service.

What’s Involved in Special Vehicle Towing?

First, we need to discuss the requirements of your specialty towing job. We will discuss any special requirements or requests that you have for your vehicle during transit.

Next, we will arrange for the pick-up location and time. If you’re not available at the pick-up location, we will ask a representative to be present to allow us full access to any premises and the vehicle.

We will then need to discuss a drop-off point and make the same arrangements for someone to meet us at the end destination to take the delivery of your precious vehicle.

Once we receive confirmation of the quotation, we will confirm all arrangements and begin the planning process from our end to get your pride and joy from one location to the final destination.

What does Special Vehicles Towing Cost?

We can provide a quotation for your special vehicle towing job, with all of the above information considered. A comprehensive quote will be provided so you will be able to decide your next course of action.

What If Something Happens?

We have an excellent track history for this type of work, so we will definitely look after your precious cargo as if it is our own.

All drivers are very experienced and understand the delicacy and intricacies involved with the specialised towing of precious items, especially vehicles. The risk of damage is extremely low; however, we can never say never.

In the unlikely event that damage does occur, such as a road accident, a comprehensive insurance policy is in place to cover the event.

What Type of Special Vehicles Tow Truck Will Be Used?

A flatbed tow truck will be used to tow your special vehicles. This will ensure your vehicle is well off the ground and away from flying debris and road items, such as gravel and stones.

Any type of specialised towing that tows a vehicle behind the truck may result in stones and gravel from the tow truck itself that will damage the vehicle. There will also be wear and tear on the car and tyres, which you won’t receive when a flatbed tow truck is used.

Straps and/or chains will be used to keep the car in place, even during cornering, and if the brakes are required to be applied quickly. Your car won’t move during the entire trip and will arrive safely at your final destination.

Should you wish to have a quotation provided to you, please call Towing Cranbourne directly on (03) 5905 7000 to discuss your requirements.

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