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Auction House Pick Up Services

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Auction House Wins, Hassle-Free Hauls!

Purchasing vehicles from an auction house is a great way to save costs and gain extra value. However, all those savings go out the window if you can’t find qualified professionals to transport your vehicle safely.

Towing Cranbourne provides an auction house pickup service that delivers straight to your destination in an efficient, safe, and cost-effective way.

How Do Auction Pick-Up Services Work?

After you successfully buy a car from an auction, simply request our auction house pick-up services, and our professionals will take it from there. We use tilt tray trucks to transport precious items like auction vehicles.

The cars are either driven onto the tray bed or loaded using a winch, especially if they are not drivable.

Next, the tow truck operator will fasten the car’s tyres and other critical anchor points with tow straps. These will keep your vehicle firmly on the truck, regardless of the road conditions.

Once the vehicle is loaded, our operator will drive straight to your destination. Throughout the process, you can expect the utmost delicate handling of your new purchase.

What Can You Expect From Auction House Pick-Up Services?

Extreme Care

Vehicles purchased from an auction house and then using our auction house pick-up service usually have a high value. Auction house pick-up carriers recognise this, and they handle all deliveries with extreme care. Whether you’re transporting a small sedan or a large SUV, you can rest assured knowing that your vehicle is safe with a flat-top toe truck.

Smooth Logistics

Once you set up the auction house pick-up service, a professional tow truck driver will take it from there. They arrange a pickup time, and delivery time and pre-arrange the transit route. Depending on your delivery specifics, Towing Cranbourne professionals may arrange for the storage of your car for a limited time while awaiting transition. This mostly applies to items that need to be moved over long distances.


How Much Will My Auction House Pick Up Cost?

The cost of auction house pickups may vary widely, depending on several factors. Some of them include;


The farther the transport distance, the higher the costs will be.

Kind of Transport

An open truck car transporter, like a tilt bed, is the most common transport method from Auction Houses and is the most cost effective and safe method.


Auction house pick-up services calculate insurance rates based on many factors. It’s best to ask about insurance policies when hiring an auction vehicles transport service.

Delivery Time May Be Affected by the Auction House

It’s best to reconcile any scheduling conflicts you may have with the auction house. Auction transport services are effective, but you may experience unwanted delays if they can’t access your vehicle. If you can, ensure everything is cleared with the auction house pickup before giving Towing Cranbourne a date and time.

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