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24 Hour Towing Cranbourne offers a premium fast breakdown towing service to Cranbourne motorists or anyone that has broken down or needs car towing services in the Cranbourne area, surrounding suburbs, Greater Melbourne Victoria, and Nationwide.

We will transport you and your vehicle or equipment to any location you require, whether to a mechanic, garage, office or your home location.

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Professional Service

Our trained technicians handle your vehicle with the utmost care, ensuring a damage-free towing experience. Count on us for a job done right.

Stuck at odd hours? No worries! Our 24/7 availability means we’re just a call away, guaranteeing a speedy response anytime.

Affordable Rates

High-quality towing shouldn’t break the bank. We offer competitive pricing without compromising on service, making us the go-to choice for budget-conscious drivers.

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There’s nothing worse than getting stranded on the side of the road due to a breakdown. Breaking down is not only an inconvenience but can also compromise your safety, especially at night. A call to our 24 Hour breakdown towing service will provide you with expert roadside assistance and move you and have your vehicle moved safely to a location of your choice, usually within half an hour, depending on your location. This tow truck service is available 7 days a week, including our night emergency towing service.


Tilt-tray trucks are the most versatile form of towing and transport for vehicles and equipment. Whether your vehicle is damaged or broken down, a tilt tray service will keep your car safe and secure off the roadway until the tow truck reaches your desired destination. No part of your vehicle or equipment touches the road as it will be on the back of the trucks, therefore minimising further damage or wear and tear on your vehicle.

Car On A Tilt Tray Tow Truck
Vehicle On A Tow Truck


Equipment transport and towing services are perfect for builders, tradies, warehouses and factories to transport unregistered mobile plant and machinery to and from worksites and also to workshops for repairs. Perfect for equipment such as forklifts, excavators, scissor lifts and other floatable equipment. Call towing Cranbourne for a quote on your equipment transport and towing requirements and we’ll find a solution that suits your requirements and budget.


Whether you have bought a vehicle from an online auction, from interstate or attended an auction in Melbourne or locally, we can arrange a tow truck to pick up from the auction house and deliver to a destination of your choice. There will be no need for the hassle of registration, roadworthiness or mechanical reliability to get your new purchase home safe and sound.

Car Key and Auction Hammer
Vintage Car On A Tow Truck


Our special vehicle tow truck service is perfect for transporting special vehicles, such as your prized vintage car, racing or sports car or deluxe high-end collector’s item. The fully trained driver will care for your prized possession as if it was their own car and ensure it arrives in the pristine condition in which it was picked up.

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Michael Berns

Stranded late at night with a broken-down car, I thought I was out of luck. Towing Cranbourne arrived in record time, and their team was incredibly professional. They turned my frustrating night into a relief. Couldn’t recommend them enough!

Tia Reynolds

From the moment I called Towing Cranbourne to when my car was safely delivered, their service was flawless. Exceptionally organized, they kept me updated throughout the process. Truly a lifesaver in a stressful situation. Highly recommend!

frequently asked questions

Accident Towing is one situation where you may require the services of a tow truck near me. In these situations, only licensed tow trucks and tow companies may provide this long-distance service.

Accident tow trucks are usually organised by Victoria Police when they are on scene, especially if there are injuries involved. You may not have the option for your car to be taken to a repairer authorised by your insurance company and your car towing will usually be towed to the tow truck company’s yard.

Another option is to contact your insurance company to organise a tow truck immediately. They will arrange for your car towing to be taken to an authorised repairer, where they can. If this is the case, you will need to let the police know on scene.

In both circumstances, your insurance should cover the cost but you should confirm this with the insurance company when on the phone.

Trade Towing is another type of towing that is also referred to as a car breakdown or non-accident vehicle towing services. When a motor vehicle develops a fault while on the roadway or highway, it must be removed to prevent possible damage or at worst, an accident from other vehicles. It will also take you and possibly your family away from being stranded on the roadside to a much safer and suitable location.

Sometimes, the driver doesn’t have a roadside assistance plan, such as RACV, to deal with the issue. In such a case, the car’s removal can only be carried out by a car breakdown towing service.

With trade towing, the tow truck must be registered and operating under the relevant laws including Victoria’s road safety laws. When a tow service receives a call from a stranded driver, they will ask a few questions to determine the type of tow truck that is required.


Location is a critical factor and the most asked question in these instances is a question you will ask is “Where is a tow truck near me?”, especially if you are looking for a car breakdown towing service.

If you are in and around Cranbourne, then the obvious choice is Towing Cranbourne as a professional local towing company. The closer the tow truck, the quicker the pick-up.


The suitability of the available Cranbourne towing service will also be an important factor. In most situations, Tilt Tray transport is the most versatile option.

Time of Day

Time of day must be factored in too. If you’re stuck at say 3 am, you will need an emergency Cranbourne towing company that provides 24 hours a day service. For non-breakdown, you may need to meet deadlines that will require out-of-hours tow service transport.

Towing Cost

Towing cost is also a major factor. Using a towing service from further away will add to travel time and towing costs. Choosing a local Cranbourne towing provider will lessen time and cost if you are in and around Cranbourne. You also need to consider how much you can afford and use an affordable towing service.

Using a professional and reputable towing service will ensure you match a reputable company with professional service and excellent value for money. Many towing companies may offer cheap car towing services, however, as with most services, you will always get what you pay for.


Payment choices are also important. Be sure that you can pay by credit card, debit card and other means if you don’t have the required cash available.


Insurance status is vital, to cover your items in case of damage to your car, equipment or even caravan. Always ask a potential towing service provider whether your valuables will be fully insured whilst in their care.

Customer Service

How you are treated is critical. You can tell very quickly by talking on the phone and how you are treated by the person on the other end whether you would like to use that company and whether they offer a friendly service.

A helpful experience with excellent customer service, especially during your time of need, goes a long way towards resolving your current situation or for ongoing business purposes for non-breakdown customers. In this case, you can be the judge of our performance.

Established Company

Established towing companies are also very important to consider and provide 24 Hour Towing service. It provides affordable towing services, to ensure your safety, financial protection, long-distance towing, and to make sure one of your greatest investments will receive the greatest of care.


Reputation can be difficult to research, especially if you don’t have time on the side of the road to do your research. The best method here is to not use vehicle towing services that you know have a bad reputation or those that you may have used in the past that don’t meet your expectations.

Towing Cranbourne offers towing services in Cranbourne area, including Cranbourne West, Cranbourne North, Cranbourne East, Cranbourne South, Devon Meadows, Clyde North, Botanic Ridge, Greater Melbourne, Victoria and nationwide.

f you have been involved in an accident where there are injuries, Call 000 and if you can, make sure that everyone gets the treatment they need. It’s very important to get to a safe place if you can, preferably off the road. Render assistance only if safe and you are able to do so.

When calling 000, the call-taker will ask if you require Police, Fire or Ambulance. If you’re unsure which to ask for, ask for Ambulance for accidents with injuries or Police for minor accidents without injuries. The emergency services will communicate between themselves to make sure the right vehicles and responders respond to the accident.

The call-taker will ask you a series of questions, such as your location, whether anybody is trapped in a vehicle, how many people are injured, are any vehicles on fire or leaking fuel. You must stay on the line if you can and answer all of the call-taker’s questions so they can send the right vehicles to help.

Different vehicle towing is designed to serve different purposes.

The most popular types are;

  • A flatbed tow truck or Flat-Top Tow Trucks
  • Hook and Chain Tow Trucks
  • Wheel Lift Tow Trucks
  • Integrated Tow Trucks (Mainly for Heavy Haulage such as other trucks).

Trade towing is not restricted to just breakdown recovery. It also includes most other types of non-accident towing, such as;

  • Car transport when moving house, either local or interstate
  • Pick up and Delivery from Vehicle Auction Houses
  • Pick up and Delivery of vehicles purchased from local or interstate
  • Unique, antique, and specialist vehicle transport
  • Equipment Transport, such as scissor lifts and large generators

– Caravan Transport

Towing Cranbourne customers usually request a tow for specialist cars such as prestige cars, vintage cars, classic cars, racing cars and any special vehicle that has specific value to the customer.

We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Whether you’re stuck on the side of the road and need some roadside assistance, need to get your car from Point A to Point B or to keep your project on schedule and need some gear picked up and sent your way at an affordable price, then call 24 Hour Towing Cranbourne today!